El Mesón de María te ofrece en Jerez de la Frontera la esencia de las mejores recetas y valores de las famosas ventas de la Provincia de Cádiz y su cocina tradicional tan auténtica. Un restaurante donde recibirás un servicio amable que te hará sentir como en casa.

Mesón de María – Jerez de la Frontera

Address: 51A Paseo las Delicias 11406 Jerez de la Frontera Cádiz, España Facebook

Opening times:

Monday /Wednesday- Sunday: from 8 am to 00:00 pm

Payment by card: Yes

Accessible: Yes

Mesón de María in Jerez de la Frontera offers you the essence of the best recipes and the values of traditional Ventas in the Province of Cadiz. A restaurant with a friendly service that will make you feel at home.

At this Venta, Right in Jerez city centre, you will enjoy stews and traditional dishes in a close and friendly atmosphere. This and much more you can find at the Mesón de María, a family business which also highlights the best cuisine from Venta Medina Sidonia Cuatro Caminos, a place which they also used to own.

The restaurant has been decorated using some elements from the previous business which include some charming elements of rustic style which are characteristic for Ventas. It has a dining room, a bar area and two terraces. Also in winter you can eat next to the heary fireplace in the main hall.

Start your day with a breakfast that includes authentic country bread that you can eat with loin in homemade butter. In the afternnon you can taste their excellent selection of tapas which combine perfectly with more traditional recipes, stews, retinto meats and game specialities.

And that is one of the most attractive things on their menu, the way they have managed to combine the spirit of a Venta with more urban specialities and fresh market ingredients from the area, such as fish from Sanlúcar and El Puerto de Santa Maria..

It is difficult to recommend only some dishes but, among others, they would like to mention: Tagarninas(thistle), croquettes, cabbage, seafood, coquinas, acedias(plaice fish) cuttlefish, mullet, corvina , Retinto meat from la Janda,Beef Meat from Salamanca, just at the right state of maturity, bull’s tail, daily stews, game specialities, rice, or “Maria´s antojo”.

And after your lunch or dinner, you can try some of their spectacular homemade desserts.

Definitely a good alternative to eat well in Jerez.

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