Restaurante Geko – Tarifa

Address: 1 Plaza de Oviedo 11380 Tarifa Cádiz, España Facebook

Opening times:

From 10.30 to 02:00 am

Payment by card: Yes

Accessible: Yes

Geko restaurant is a charming place located next to the parish of San Mateo in the heart of Tarifa. It offers an interesting and fun menu with dishes based on Italian and Mediterranean cuisine, including some local recipes.

This charming restaurant is placed in Tarifa´s lovely city center. They offer Mediterranean and Italian cuisine and are open every day from 10:00 am to dawn.

Geko is an ideal place to have breakfast or enjoy at any time a casual menu where you will find new suggestions every day.

You will find can different homemade recipes brought all the from Italy, the owners land. There is also space for local dishes, tapas, salads, burgers and fajitas.

It has a fun street terrace and a very close and friendly service, which will make you want to return.

Definitely a different way to enjoy a good meal in Tarifa.

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