Brañahonda | Source: Texts and photo: Patronato Provincial de Turismo.


Marked trail, starting point in the Pantano de los Hurones


The trail Brañahonda in the hills (mountains) of Montes de Propios de Jerez, gives you the possibility to various areas of the Natural Park Alcornocales yourself.

Here you can watch the traditional use of the cork oak or see a few deer, small birds, vultures and other birds of prey. Specifically, the buzzard or the serpent eagle makes this trip very exciting, because it does not see this every day. There are great view points on this trail.

Recommende material:

Sturdy shoes, enough fluid and food for the duration of the hike, suitable clothing depending on the weather


Approval Required: Ayuntamiento de Jerez de la Frontera (tlf 956 35 95 70.).

How to get there:

A few kilometers from El Bosque, along the A-372 of Arcos de la
Border is a transverse direction Algar, CA 6107th Then take the CA
503 leads to above the reservoir of the Hurons. From here, only in this way
3.5 km from where the trail.

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