Trekking Con Vivac Grazalema-Villaluenga-Grazalema. Pn Sierra De Grazalema

Trekking Con Vivac Grazalema-Villaluenga-Grazalema. Pn Sierra De Grazalema | Source: Text and photo: Pura Vida.


Camping Tajo Rodillo (Grazalema)-Llano del Endrinal- Valle del Simancon- SIERRA DEL ENDRINAL (noche acampada). VILLALUENGA -NAVAZO ALTO -PUERTO DEL AHORCADO-Puerto de la Vivora- Llanos de FARDELA – CASA DEL DORNAJO -PUERTO DEL BOYAR.


We start in the village of Grazalema, of the Camping Tajo Rodillo, and, after a rapid ascent to the plateau Llano del Endrinal. Here we take a path to our left, which brings us to the valley of Simancón. After a short climb we reach the summit Reloj (Clock) in the SIERRA DEL Endrinal. From there we descend a few meters from a small clearing where we stay. The next day we pass in the direction of the Charco Verde VILLALUENGA. Once in VILLALUENGA we climb to the summit Navazo Alto, the highest point in the SIERRA DEL Caillo. This section is quite technical and you should be careful. We cross the Navazo ALTO and reach the level Navazo LLANO and walk towards Puerto de la Víbora on. We cross the plane LLANOS DE FARDELA and go to CASA DEL Dornajo on. From there we climb to the summit PUERTO DEL BOYAR on to finish the tour after that.

Recommende material:

Sturdy shoes, min 4 liters of fluid, sleeping bag, warm clothes due to fluctuating temperatures.


Guided tour, 636 80 08 57 (Fernando) or email:

How to get there:

The Camping Tajo del Rodillo is the starting point of the route. It’s in the Water Street Grazalema.a

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