10 Reasons For Visiting El Puerto De Santa Maria

10 Reasons For Visiting El Puerto De Santa Maria | Fuente: By Celia Pérez del Cubo. Photos: Destino Cádiz.

El Puerto de Santa María is one of the most visited cities in the Bay of Cadiz, with an incredible lively atmosphere, especially when the the good weather arrives. It is one of the most active cities in the province of Cadiz with beautiful beaches, nature, rich history and culture, delicious gastronomy and many options for active tourism.

Continue reading and plan your visit to Puerto de Santa Maria with us. You will not be disappointed..


El Puerto de Santa María has beaches for all types of public and needs: urban and accessible beaches like Valdelagrana, La Puntilla or Fuentebravía, more intimate areas like La Calita or La Muralla and some other places from where one can enjoy impressive sunsets like El Buzo or Las Redes.


Nature lovers will also find their place in El Puerto de Santa María. The Toruños Parque Metropolitano and Pinar de la Algaida are without a doubt, two the most special natural areas of this city. Take your time to visit Levante beach, a stunning beach barely touched by man, which can only be accessed on foot or by bike. In addition, this park has several well-marked footpaths, as well as picnic and leisure areas.


El Puerto de Santa María has a long wine-making tradition and is one of the most important cities within the Production Frame of Jerez, our wine denomination of origin. Here you will find many wineriestaverns, bars and vineyards where you can learn about about wine-making, tasting and the art of wine pairing.


La Iglesia Mayor Prioral se construye en la parte alta de la ciudad, estando documentada su existencia desde 1486, coincidiendo con la etapa de apogeo que fomentan los Duques de Medinaceli en la villa.

The Mayor Prioral Church was built on the upper part of the city in 1486, during the constructive swing promoted by the Dukes of Medinaceli, landowners of the town. Stroll through its beautiful old town and enjoy the palace houses, the House of the Lions or the Plaza de Toros. Some of its religious monuments are also worth a visit: the Monastery of La Victoria and the Old Capuchinas Convent. Finally, you should also visit the Phoenician Village of Doña Blanca, the Municipal Museum and La Carabela.

You will not have time left to get bored!

Castillo San Marcos

The San Marcos castle is one of the most visited monuments in Puerto de Santa María.

It is located at Plaza Alfonso X, in the historic center of the city. This huge fortress, was once a mosque in Al-Andalus times, a Christian fortress during the Christian Reconquest , a temple for the patron saint of the city, the Virgin of the Miracles, and also served as lodging for Christopher Columbus. A visit to this castle takes you back in time and is a must for all those visiting El Puerto de Santa Maria. In addition, another great option to get to know more about the city´s rich culture and long wine-making traditions, is to take a guided tour which combines a visit to the castle and the Caballero wineries.


Just like in many other cities in the province of Cadiz, there are many festivals in El Puerto de Santa María: the traditional Feria, normally held in May, Easter, the Pilgrimage of San Antón (celebrated in January ), the Festival of Patios during the month of April or the Carnival, which even has its own contest in this city.

In addition, the leisure and cultural agenda of El Puerto is impressive, so you can always enjoy some concert or event.

El Pub Babaloo es un pequeño trozo de Irlanda en una de las zonas exclusivas del Puerto de Santa María. Somos officialirishpub.


This is a very lively city, especially when the good weather arrives. There are many bars, pubs and nightclubs which remain open until early in the morning and the streets are always full of life and people. Without a doubt, El Puerto de Santa María is one of the best cities in the Bay of Cadiz for going out and have a good time.

ACTIVE TOURISM in el Puerto de Santa María

La Escuela de Vela Puerto Sherry, de la Federación Andaluza de Vela, se encuentra ubicada en El Puerto de Santa María, en las inmediaciones del Puerto Deportivo "Puerto Sherry", organizando cursos de Vela Ligera y Windsurf durante todo el año, así como Licencias de Navegación (Titulín) y cursos de Instructores.

El Puerto de Santa Maria offers a wide range of leisure options for all tourists. Spend a fun day at the impressive water park with your family
or book a guided tour and get to know the city in a different and outstanding way.


Local cuisine is part of the gastronomy of the Bay of Cadiz, so fish and seafood are undoubtedly the main culinary highlights in Puerto de Santa Maria. In addition to the traditional fried fish, you will also find some other typical dishes like “ caldillo de perro”, raya fish with fried bread, noodles with sole, “coquinas a la marinera” or “malarmao”.

There are many bars, restaurants and beach bars, where you can enjoy the art of eating tapas at good prices..

And we cannot not forget to mention the world- famous Jerez wines. You should not leave the city without trying all the different wine varieties, like fine wines, amontillados or manzanilla.. Take the chance to learn more about local food and wine pairing and enjoy an unforgettable experience.


In Puerto de Santa Maria you will always find the right type of accommodation to suit your needs: hotels, hostels, apartments and campsites to relax and enjoy yourself. There is a wide variety of prices, locations and services for you to choose from.

Enjoy your holidays in Puerto de Santa Maria!

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