10 reasons to fall in love with the province of Cadiz

10 reasons to fall in love with the province of Cadiz | Fuente: Text and Photos: Destino Cádiz

We are in love with our land. We cannot help it! We are convinced that in the province of Cadiz you will find everything you need to be happy. In this post we would like to offer 10 reasons for you to come and visit our land with a previous warning: be careful, because you will become addicted to it!

Razones para visitar Cádiz


Our friends from the Tourist Board are right in the motto they have chosen to promote the province these months. Beyond the image you may have of a sun and sand destinationthe Province of Cadiz is so complete that it allows you to enjoy it throughout the whole year.

The excellent weather, thanks to our spectacular location, allows us to come to
Cadiz at any time. Enjoy all year round our coast or the Sierra de Cadiz (the undiscovered jewel of the province), the winter in its pueblos blancos (white villages), the beautiful Jerezanaspring (spring time in Jerez), Vejer and Medina, walking on the beach in winter…


There is evidence that the province of Cadiz has been populated since prehistory. Several sites testify the passage of man since the Paleolithic. Our location has turned our land into a place of passage and settlement of the main cultures that have existed in the Mediterranean: Tartessians, Phoenicians, Romans… Important remains are preserved of the latter, such as Baelo Claudia, the the Roman theatre of Cadiz, the site of Ocuri in Ubrique or some pieces of great value in the Archaelogical Museum of Espera.

museo Arqueológico de Espera

But if this doesn’t seem enough, our history keeps on enriching. Tarifa was the gateway to the Muslim conquest of the Iberian Peninsula. A period of great splendor that preserves an important legacy, the layout and name of many of our villages, a large part of our culture, some impressive buildings reconverted after the Reconquest…

To close this “historical reason” for visiting our land, we would like to end up by mentioning two more notes: the economic splendor of Cadiz, Sanlúcar and the Puerto de Santa María in the 18th century, result of trade with America; and the Cortes of Cadiz and its famous Constitution of 1812.


Our culture is the reflection of our history, rich in influences and nuances. The province provides you with a wide and varied cultural offer to complement your getaway. From interesting museums and exhibition centers, theater and music festivals to more popular traditions, such as flamenco or carnival, both of renowned international prestige.


Maybe when you read the title, you will have thought: don’t exaggerate! You can tell that you haven’t seen the sun fall on our coast! Sit on the sand and watch the sun slowly fall.

Caleta, destino Cadiz

In some places, such as Zahara, el Palmar, los Cañosor La Caleta, there is silence and it is a real spectacle to see the emotion in the faces of your “seatmates”. Try and see…


Imagine a small rural house in the middle of the mountains overlooking the Zahara reservoir, a small hotel on the beach, a resort with a golf course, a modern hostel, a B&B in the centre of your favourite city or on a charming street of Tarifa or Vejer, a campsite next to a cove of Conil…

The province of Cadiz offers you a spectacular range of accommodations that adapt to all your needs.


Our land is a natural paradise. There are few places in the world in which you’ll find so many natural parks as diverse and different from each other.

Zahara de la Sierra,espacios naturales de la provincia de Cádiz

If you love nature, Cadiz is your province.


In few places you’ll find a cuisine as rich and full of nuances as here in Cadiz. The perfect combination between sea and land is the result of our tradition, which reflects the best values of the Mediterranean and Andalusian cuisine.

Our fish (with special mention to tuna, sole, rockfish…), our seafood (even if you have tasted some shrimp before, none taste like Sanlúcar’s), our cheeses, our retinto meats… They will delight the most demanding palates.

From our point of view, the level of restoration in the province is very high, and you can find more and more chefs from our land recognised nationally and internationally.


Our wines are a perfect complement to our cuisine, or vice versa, made in authentic architectural gems. The Vino de Jerezis world-famous, and its setting welcomes essential wines such as Manzanilla de Sanlúcar but also fine, fragrant or Muscatel wine. We cannot forget the interesting red and white wines that are produced in our sierra and the bay of Cadiz.


As a complement to your stay in the bay or as a reason for your visit, you can enjoy multiple experiences linked to wine tasting: visits to wineries, personalised tastings, walks through the vineyards….


We’d like you to feel at home here. That’s why we have proposed to pamper you, and we offer you a wide range of activities so that you feel better. Exclusive health resorts, aesthetic and beauty centres, modern health clinics, yoga and pilates centres, spas… All this allows Cadiz to be considered a first level place as a destination for Health and Wellness Tourism.


Think of any activity of active tourism(anyone except for snow sports!)

playa los lances tarifa-001

Surf, wind, kite,water sports, hiking, climbing, multi-adventure, paragliding, golf, horse riding,visits to farms, excursions in 4×4, bike routes, balloon or ultralight flights… You only have to choose the activity.

We hope you liked this post. If so, please share it! In Destination Cadiz we enjoy talking about our province and we love helping you discover this southern wonder.

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