Welcome to the blog of destination Cadiz

Welcome to the blog of destination Cadiz | Fuente: Texts and Photos: Destino Cádiz

The blog is here!. We are excited and pleased to present you a new communication channel in our portal. Here we will publish new articles and reports, and we hope that these will be useful in planning your trip to the province of Cadiz.

We will report on culture, cuisine, curiosities, special events and much more. All items will pursue the same goal: To promote our province because we are convinced that Cadiz will “make you feel better”.

And in our first article we want to present you, with your permission, our website. Here we go.


This website, destinationcadiz.com, was created with the aim of promoting the province of Cadiz in three languages (Spanish, English and German). Here you will find practical information to prepare your visit. What to do (bookings, wine tourism, adventure tourism, where you can eat in Cadiz, where to sleep, to go shopping or to go out), sightseeing (natural parks, beaches, culture) and the most important events in the province of Cadiz.

Welcome to the blog of destination Cadiz

We designed the website with the go to make navigation as simple and convenient as possible for you. At the top you will find the main menu with the following points:

Home” to return to the start site,
See”, where you will find a menu of routes, cultural sites and natural parks, the towns of the province and a selection of the best or most popular places in Cadiz.
Feel”, the most comprehensive menu. There is a list of activities that you can practice during your holidays in the province of Cadiz. Events, accommodation, cultural activities, celebrations and festivals, shopping, wineries, gastronomy, traveling with children, Activities and wellness.
Info”, a small collection of information that will help you to organize your trip.
Blog” to go directly to the blog.

Welcome to the blog of destination Cadiz

The main page consists of a series of blocks with different proposals. First, a selection of recommendations from companies such as restaurants, wineries, bars or other activities. It continues with the different towns of the province, which are listed again at the bottom of the home page. Then our suggestions to enjoy culture, beaches and natural parks of Cadiz.

Welcome to the blog of destination Cadiz

An area for bookings of any kind, a event calendar of Cadiz, a number of recommendations for different routes and tours, and a special area for us, “We are Cadiz”, to which we come back in one of the next posts.

Welcome to the blog of destination Cadiz

In the lower part, a list of all towns of the province of Cadiz and the logos of various organizations, towns and chambers that have cooperated with us, or send information such as photos or texts. And not forget our links to Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc.

Welcome to the blog of destination Cadiz

We hope that you enjoy our website and that you will find it useful. Thanks for joining and supporting us and there is just one more thing to say:

Welcome to the blog of Destination Cadiz!

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