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Al lao del Muelle – Cádiz




Address: Avenida 4 de diciembre, número 32 11005 Cádiz, España - 11005 Cádiz, Cádiz Opening times: Su - Th: 12:00 - 02:00 Fr - Sa: 12:00 - 03:00 Price range:
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Al Lao del Muelle is the ideal location next to the Paseo de Canalejas and the port of Cadiz, to enjoy an excellent selection of wines, cold meats and delicatessen. A charming corner with a spectacular terrace to spend a unique evening in good company.

In one of the most beautiful corners of Cadiz we find this tapas bar, which offers you a slightly different concept. Here you will find the best products you can find in the renowned and well-known taverns of the province, and at the same time you have the opportunity to extend the evening like in a pub.

The latter was achieved as this new bar was opened right next to sister company “Muelle Uno”, a café-pub looking for its equivalent in Cadiz. They share an impressive outdoor terrace, and the concept is clear: quality in all services they offer and a very pleasant treatment of their customers.

The place is worth seeing. Its pleasant and cozy interior draws attention to its careful design, which can be seen in the small details.

In A Lao del Muelle you can enjoy an excellent selection of cold meats, gourmet delicatessen and cheeses that can accompany you with some of the excellent wines or a spectacular draft beer.

They have also a good afternoon coffee, long drinks or cocktails to extend the evening with friends in Cadiz. Certainly one of the best tapas bars in Cadiz, to try something different and have fun.

4.9/5 (9 Reviews)