Cádiz Surf Center

Address: Cadiz Surf Center (CSC) 4 Calle Nereidas 11011 Cádiz España - 11011 Cadiz, Cádiz Opening times: 10 to 14 and 16 to 20. Saturday and Sunday 10-14
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Cadiz Surf Center is the first center for surfing techniques of Andalusia, where a personal program of each level and a special training for advanced surfers is offered. "You set your limits."

Cadiz Surf Center is located in the street Nereidas No.4, directly on the beach promenade in the area Cortadura.

We offer lessons every day of the year, in all conditions. The timetable depends on the season.

Learn quickly all the necessary skills for surfing with our specific methodology.

Surf classes in Cadiz Surf Center is a guarantee for the success of reaching your goal. We specialize in surfing techniques, and therefore we have the best beaches in Europe.

We form people to surfers and surfers to athletes.

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