Distrito 798 – Cádiz




Address: 16 Calle Feduchy 11005 Cádiz España - 11005 Cadiz, Cádiz Opening times: Monday to Friday: from 11:00am to a 13:30 pm /from 17:30 pm to 20:30pm. Saturday: from11:00am to 14:00pm Price range: €€
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Distrito 798 is a Gourmet Asian Product Store, located in the old town of Cadiz, where you will find the leading brands and will enjoy demonstrations, workshops and showcookings.

This business is a meeting point and a Gourmet Shop created by the owners of the neighboring restaurant La Candela. One of them, Victor, worked in District 798 Restaurant in Beijing, a place that they honor and where this place takes its name from.

After his year-long experience, which he achieved in that country and also after having distributed several Asian delicacies brands, he decided to open a store which would also be a perfect meeting place where to try and create different experiences.

One can notice the care and devotion that they manage their business with. From the decoration to its excellent selection of products (over 100) where you can find almost everything.

And as mentioned above, it has been designed as a meeting corner for celebrating events and also for all those who are interested in discovering the real Asian cuisine. There are cooking lessons, product demonstrations, workshops and group showcookings available which complete the range of services offered by this unique and different place.

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