Equiventura – Rutas a caballo en la Sierra de Cádiz

Address: Km 19 Ctra. Antigua El Bosque-Ubrique El Bosque, Cadiz 11670 España - 11670 El Bosque, Cádiz Opening times: Please contact us for more additional info.
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Equiventura is an Active Tourism company that offers you the possibility of doing exclusive horseback tours through the Sierra de Grazalema and Ronda. They have different programs that last several days and allow you to know our land in a different and fun way.

If you like horses and want to discover our land in a different way, Equiventura offers you the possibility of doing equestrian routes adapted to each season, to make your vacation an unforgettable experience.

The company is located in the Rural Accommodation “El Vihuelo”, in El Bosque, a perfect place to stay and from where you can start your routes to discover the wonderful Sierra de Grazalema and Ronda.

All equestrian routes are designed for people who are used to riding in the countryside and are in good physical condition. You do not have to be a sportsman or a professional rider , but you do need to know how to ride relaxed and control temperamental horses in complicated terrain. The routes are intense and sometimes last several days.

Equiventura puts all the necessary equipment and services at your disposal so that you only need to worry about enjoying the activity. They use the so-called Vaquero saddles, which adapt to long days on the horse. They are extremely comfortable for both horse and rider.

The care and welfare of the horse is also one of the priorities of this company. They do single-hand riding with a hackamore, a style which is much more practical and comfortable on long rides.

Equiventura offers 3 exclusive routes full of beautiful natural landscapes where you will discover the contrasts of our land, and are incredibly romantic and spectacular:

  • The Andalusian summer winter trail: starting from El Bosque into the unspoiled mountain scenery of the Sierra de Grazalema nature reserve and through hilly pastures, fields and olive groves towards Arcos de la Frontera.
  • The Nature reserve Sierra de Grazalema Trail: starting from El Bosque through the mountains to Grazalema and back to El Bosque via Zahara de la Sierra
  • The Sierra de Grazalema and Serranía de Ronda trail: starting from El Bosque through the mountains to Grazalema, a foray through the Serranía de Ronda and back to El Bosque via Zahara de la Sierra

The routes are always made in the company of specialized and experienced staff that will give you the appropriate indications at all times.

This is definitely one of the most authentic and different experiences you can do in the province of Cadiz.

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