En la Escuela de Navegación TABOGA podrás recibir teoría y prácticas para todas las titulaciones de recreo. Y si quieres disfrutar del mar, alquila un veleros para dar paseos por la Bahía de Cádiz. Dispone de patrones experimentados y una amplia flota de veleros.

Escuela Taboga – Cádiz

Address: C/ Zaragoza nº 7 Bajo C.P. 11003 CÁDIZ - 11003 Cadiz, Cádiz Opening times: Monday to Friday 10:00 to 14:00 and Tuesday and Thursday 19:00 to 21:00. Price range: €€-€€€
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In the sailing school TABOGA in Cadiz you can complete the theory and practice for all types of sailing and boat slips. And if you want to enjoy the sea, rent a sailboat for trips in the Bay of Cadiz. TABOGA has experienced skippers and a good fleet of sailboats.

Since 2002, the sailing school TABOGA is a landmark in maritime training in Andalusia. We offer courses for all qualifications: navigation license, PNB, PER, skipper and sailors.

There is also a boat rental and leasing of larger sailboats is possible. Experience the fabulous surroundings of the Bay of Cadiz by boat and take pleasure in a unique and beautiful trip.

TABOGA has a fleet of five fully equipped sailboats and these are all year available for rent.

The company has employees with extensive experience in the field and allows you to explore the coast of Cadiz by boat.

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