En la Atrevida podrás disfrutar de una excelente cocina y una buena selección de vinos en una de las mejores terrazas del Paseo Marítimo de Cádiz. Disfruta de una buena comida y un servicio cercano en este restaurante en el que podrás alargar tu velada con una copa o un café.

La Atrevida – Cádiz




Address: 45 Avenida Amilcar Barca (Paseo Marítimo) 11009 Cádiz España - 11009 Cádiz, Cádiz Price range: €€ - €€€
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In La Atrevida restaurant you will enjoy an excellent cuisine and a good selection of wines at one of the best terraces on the promenade of Cádiz. Enjoy a good meal and a kind service at this lovely place where you will be able to spend a nice evening tasting a good coffee or drink.

The Atrevida Restaurant is located on the promenade of Cádiz. It takes its name from the corvette “La Atrevida”, which built in La Carraca and was part of the scientific expedition led by Alejandro Malaspina that went around the world in the late eighteenth century.

The place is a tribute to this event and is commitment to home cooking made with quality products.

It offers an interesting selection of seafood. The Fresh fish of the Bay of Cadiz competes, among others, with excellent tuna tatakis, grilled octopus or mussels casseroles.

If you like meat, you can enjoy excellent selected sections prepared in various ways which will delight the most discerning palates.

You can eat in the elegant lounge or enjoy one of the best, well-protected from the wind terraces on the promenade of Cadiz, where you can extend your evening enjoying a dessert with a coffee or a drink.

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