La Nueva Pasiega




Address: 14 Avenida Ana de Viya 11008 Cádiz Opening times: Open daily from 08:00am to 01:00 am
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New Pasiega is a cozy bar on the Ana de Viya avenue in Cadiz . They serve different specialities throughout the day to satisfy the needs of their customers. Good breakfasts and excellent tapas and dishes are included on a menu which offers a very interesting cuisine.

This former grocery store, inn and bar, is one of the of the places with the longest tradition on Cádiz main avenue. It has been recently renovated and is now under a new management which is devoted to an interesting new cuisine.

They are open daily from 8 am and serve lovely breakfasts that you can enjoy at their wide terrace overlooking the San Jose square.

Later on you can try their extensive menu with tapas and full portions, including some of the house specialties such as: Retinto beef meat, tuna, national lamb and oxtail stew, among others.

Besides their cold tapas and fried delicacies, they would like to highlight their tasty “papas aliñás” (Spanish potato salad), the “Pasiega meatballs” a recipe with a long family tradition and the sirloin. They also serve scrambles and two types of rice, black with alioli sauce or mixed paella.

An interesting option for eating out in Cadiz, together with Woodstock Bar and La Barrica Tapas Bar, which are also ruled by the same managers.

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