La Tabernita, situada en la emblemática calle Virgen de la Palma de Cádiz, es un coqueto bar donde puedes degustar tapas y vinos. Un negocio familiar que destaca por la calidad de sus elaboraciones a buenos precios y por el sabor de sus tapas con el sabor de casa.

La Tabernita – Cádiz



Address: C/Virgen de la palma 32 Cádiz 11002. - 11002 Cadiz, Cádiz Price range:
The Tabernita, in the emblematic street Virgin de la Palma in Cadiz, is a cozy bar where you can enjoy tapas and wine. A family business that has made a name in Cadiz because of quality dishes at a good price and real nice taste of the tapas.

The Tabernita was opened in 2011 and is a mini bar where you will find an interesting combination of tapas and homemade dishes, premium spirits and carefully selected wines are offered here. Small and charming, full of fantasy, and a kind of cosily chic. On the walls hang fantastic with pencil drawn paintings of Rafael Bueno, the owner of the bar

The key to success of this Tapas Bar is very simple, the talents of each family member of Rafa. The mother, “the chef” who processed daily fresh local products to make delicious tapas. The father, the decorater and manager with great influence during the construction process and who is always giving a hand. And behind the counter, a nice couple that ensures at all time by good humor that you feel at home.

It is a meeting place for young people, both locals and Erasmus students, as well as tourists who always like to go to Rafael to enjoy tasty tapas and good wine at a good price. And if the kitchen is closed, the Tabernita transformes into a bar and offer spectacular prepared drinks, unique in the night of Cadiz.

In this incredible spot, you will spend good evenings.

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