En la Tapería D'Cortes se cultiva el arte del buen comer. En este bar podrás disfutar de una cocina de calidad reflejada en una carta variada y difente. Situado en la emblemática Calle Plocia de Cádiz, prueba sus tapas en su amplia barra, mesas interiores o terraza.

La Tapería D’Cortes – Cádiz




Address: 13 Calle Plocia 11006 Cádiz - 11006 Cadiz, Cádiz Price range: €€ - €€€
Tapería D 'Cortes is a restaurant in Cadiz with a very good kitchen. In this bar - restaurant you will find a varied menu and good quality food prepared by the best products of the region. The restaurant is located in the emblematic street Plocia and has a terrace opposite the Congress of Cadiz, a long bar and two indoor areas.

The Tapería D ‘Cortes has all the characteristics that a good bar or restaurant in Cadiz must have. A kitchen with personality, a long bar to entertain perfectly or eat a tapa, a terrace in the beautiful Street Plocia and a good and friendly service. The food is prepared from fresh products of the province of Cadiz and it attaches great importance to quality.

Start with a salad or a cold tapas accompanied by a good beer or wine. We can recommend the stews, grilled fish or meat dishes (the Carrillada – Pork cheeks stew is the true hit).

And if you want to try new things, ask for the recommendations of the day or day menu …

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