Con un escenario inigualable, el Restaurante La Vista de Medina ofrece una carta creativa, donde se mezclan la tradición local con los mejores sabores del mediterráneo.

La Vista de Medina Bodas

Address: 2 Plaza Iglesia Mayor 11170 Medina-Sidonia - 11170 Medina Sidonia, Cádiz
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La Vista de Medina offers a welcoming, different and very caring for weddings and special events stage. Enjoy a delightful, different and welcoming place for your wedding or that special day for you onstage.

With the experience of having held her own wedding in Medina Sidonia, Kirsty Biston, owner of La Vista de Medina, fully understands the work to achieve a perfect wedding or organize a special day without a hitch.

That is why La Vista de Medina can host any kind of celebration, for a Catholic wedding, we just opposite the beautiful church of XV century Saint Mary the Crowned, along with a typical Andalusian Square within 100 meters, without the need to use taxis and enjoy a magical atmosphere.

Or, if you prefer a civil wedding you can get married in the beautiful town hall located in the center of town. In addition, La Vista offers several options for the celebration: the charm of a good place in the shade of the trees in a beautiful garden or the magnificent room of celebrations.

Celebrations can be most intimate, with 30-50 guests or a larger room with a capacity of up to 90 guests, La Vista de Medina can perfectly accommodate all your requirements and needs easily celebration.

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