Momento Andaluz es una empresa de catering con una amplia experiencia y presencia en eventos en toda Andalucía. Organiza tu boda o evento tematizado de la mano de un equipo profesional que te ofrecerá un servicio cercano y de calidad para que disfrutes y tengas un recuerdo único de tus días más especiales.

Momento Andaluz Catering

Address: El Sotillo Pago el sotillo, s/n. Apdo. correos 136 11130 Chiclana de la Frontera Cádiz
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Momento Andaluz is a catering company with extensive experience and presence in events throughout Andalusia. Organize your wedding or themed event with a professional team that will offer you a close and quality service for you to enjoy and preserve the special unique memories of your most special days.

If you are thinking or organising your wedding or special event, Momento Andaluz is a quality option to forget the hustle and bustle of wedding planning and leave it in the hands of a highly experienced team who will make these special moments unique.

They pamper every single detail and offer you many different options to make your wedding celebration a dream come true. There is a wide variety of decorative elements for you to choose from, like silver charger plates, linen tablecloths or Dior chairs , which are unique in the province …

There is also an impressive selection of places for you to celebrate your wedding or event . You can choose from two exclusive and unique spaces: Bodegas Vélez and Finca El Sotillo.

Every wedding or event is different and therefore each menu should be also special. Momento Andaluz personalizes each one of them to capture each couple’s personality and preferences throughout their wedding celebration.

In addition there is also a wide range of exclusive services that you can hire such as: Despesque Esteros ( a traditional art of fishing), Asado Criollo( creole barbecue), several horses shows which include different traditional horses breeds and styles like “Parejo”, the typical horses at the Feria de Jerez and the caballista,classical , cowboy and long reins dressage horses exhibitions. You can also hire their bullring where you can watch a Flamenco-Arabian show with their dancing horses or have a dinner served with wine while enjoying Flamenco music.

And if you want to organize a themed event, Andaluz Moment suits your needs and offers you ,among others, the possibility of simulating a day at the Feria de San Antonio, at an Arabian Tetería or in a ​​chill-out area, or even a night remembering old Al Andalus times.

In other words, a safe option to celebrate your special day in a unique way.

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