Parapente Algodonales es una empresa en turismo activo especializada en vuelos en parapente biplaza en la Sierra de Cádiz.

Parapente Algodonales – Sierra de Cádiz

Address: 12 Calle Piedra 11680 Algodonales Cádiz, España - 11680 Algodonales, Cádiz Price range:
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Parapente Algodonales is a tourism company or paragliding provider in the Sierra de Cadiz, which is specialized in two-seater paragliding. Accompanied by experienced professional pilots, you can enjoy the magical feeling of getting to know the spectacular Sierra de Lijar and its surroundings in a funny and safe way from above.

The Province of Cadiz has one of the best paragliding areas in the world: La Sierra de Lijar. Located in Algodonales, thanks to its special orography and meteorology, it is one of the reference locations for enjoying this exciting sport of paragliding.

The flight in the Sierra de Cadiz is one of the most varied and authentic experiences that you can experience during your visit to the Cadiz region. And what could be better than being accompanied by experienced professionals who guarantee a fun and safe exercise.

Parapente Algodonales is a local company specializing in tandem paragliding (two-seater). It has experienced pilots who are trained as paragliding sports technicians and thus know the geography of the area and the conditions perfectly.

This company works only with approved equipment of the best brands, current and in perfect condition. They also have all the necessary permits to carry out this activity and are registered in the Junta de Andalucía as an active tourism company.

That means it has everything you need to enjoy this wonderful experience in an easy, fun and safe way.

Undoubtedly an excellent choice for paragliding in Algodonales in the Sierra de Cadiz.

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