Puro Estrecho – Algeciras

Address: Calle Caracola 11207 Algeciras Cádiz, España - 11207 Algeciras, Cádiz Opening times: From 10:00 am to 23:30 pm Price range: €€ - €€€
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Puro Estrecho is a small paradise where you can enjoy a meal, a coffee or a drink and celebrate special occasions. Located in the lighthouse of Punta Carnero, with lovely views of south Algeciras Bay. It is a restaurant, a cafeteria, a lounge and a hall for celebrations where you can spend unique days and evenings.

There are unexpected corners that give you pleasant surprises and offer you the possibility to live special and different moments. Puro Estrecho, in the Bay of Algeciras, is one of them.

It is located in an exceptional environment next to the lighthouse of Punta Carnero and in a strategic place within the Natural Park of the Strait, with wonderful views.

It is a unique and elegant corner, decorated with care, which adapts throughout the days and seasons to different environments. It has an exceptional restaurant that they transform into a cafeteria and a corner of drinks throughout the evening.

Here you can enjoy a traditional cuisine, based on the Mediterranean diet, where you can also find to recipes from other countries and avant-garde influences, without forgetting their excellent local ingredients.

You can also celebrate all your events (baptisms, communions, weddings, birthdays, meetings of friends or business …)and everything you can think of, since they have a team of experienced professionals who that adapt to your needs in a warm and welcoming atmosphere. There is also an exclusive suite at the top of the building.

And finally, they would like to highlight their spectacular terrace and exteriors, with a wonderful swimming pool that you can enjoy in the warmer months and different areas chill out areas where you can relax while enjoying an extraordinary atmosphere and wonderful views from this paradise called “Estrecho”


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