Restaurante El Cortijo de Guadacorte – Los Barrios

Address: Calle Canarios 11370 Los Barrios, Cádiz, España - 11370 Los Barrios, Cádiz Opening times: From 1 pm to 5 pm / 8:30 pm to 00:30 Price range: €€ - €€€
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At Cortijo Guadacorte restaurant, located in Los Barrios, you can enjoy an excellent market cuisine. The best fish from local market and the best traditional recipes, together with a fresh and different touch, are the main reasons for their success.

This restaurant is located in the old stables of the farmhouse, from where it borrows its name. The place is very well known in the area for the quality of their food and the friendly customer service, which is the first thing which will catch your attention. When you enter this restaurant you are faced with a large display of daily caught fresh fish which they buy daily at the local market. You will be surprised with their professional and friendly service.

In the Restaurant Cortijo Guadacorte you will be able to enjoy an excellent market cuisine. Although they have fixed menu, there are always new suggestions that include fresh products which are dayly purchased at the local market.

These ingredients are made in the kitchen with traditional recipes that are served with a fresh and different touch, always at their right point.

There is a very interesting selection of starters to choose from, like excellent Iberian cured meats, different cheese specialities and seafood such as Tuna in butter, cod tortillas, Andalusian coated shrimps or Tuna carpaccio (in season). They also has a varied menu of tapas.

You can also try fresh fish and seafood from the local fish market. They usually serve shrimps, prawns, clams, carabineros, coqunas, redfish, snapper, mackerel, ravioli, sea bass, malamar, urta, mullet and sole. On their menu you can also find several Tuna specialities, which is their star ingredient.

And if you prefer meat, you can taste Iberian pork sirloin, venison, excellent local Retinto beef meat, Galician entrecote, Angus beef meat, ribeye or delicious lamb lamb chops. They also recommend you to try some of the excellent wines from their cellar.

They also serve daily stews. Amont them, rice and soup stews are highly recommended,

And finally, you can not leave without trying some of their excellent homemade desserts.

Definitely, one of the best places to eat out in the campo de Gibraltar.

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