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Restaurante Puerta de la Sierra – Vía Verde de la Sierra – Puerto Serrano




Address: s/n Vía Verde de la Sierra 11659 Puerto Serrano Cádiz, España Opening times: Open daily at 08:00 am
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The Puerta de la Sierra Restaurant, is the perfect option to start your way at the Via Verde de la Sierra or to recover after a long day enjoying the nature and practicing active tourism

The Restaurant Puerta de la Sierra is located in one of the most attractive corners of the Sierra de Cádiz. The start of the Vía Verde de la Sierra, in Puerto Serrano, is located in an old train station from which you can practice active tourism or doing outdoor activities.

This business, which also has excellent rural lodgings, is a good starting point for a journey of experiences. They are famous for its breakfast, with excellent muffins (called Mollete) from Puerto Serrano that can be accompanied with butter and olive oil from the area.

For lunch or dinner we can highlight their grilled meats and traditional dishes, such as cheeks, oxtail or rabbit in garlic sauce, stew of tagarninas or asparagus soup.

And if you prefer to eat tapas, you can check the house suggestions, as well as accompany your dishes with its interesting wine list.

The establishment also has bicycle parking and bicycle rental service.

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