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Address: 3 Avda. Alcalde Juan Nuñez 11380 Tarifa Cádiz, España - 11380 Tarifa, Cádiz Opening times: 09:00 – 21.00
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Turmares Tarifa is a whale watching tour company, which specialises in ecotourism. The Strait of Gibraltar is a beautiful spot in the south of Spain where dolphins and whales live in harmony and where you will have the chance to watch them approach your boat just to show off and satisfy the tourists curiosity.

Turmares Tarifa offers Whale Watching trips in the Strait of Gibraltar. They are a company with 18 years of experience , devoted to scientific and education research. All their work can be summed up in an online marketing campaign based on the concepts of conservation and environmental responsibility, directed specifically towards cetaceans and their habitat applying the best practices of whale watching.

They offer trips everyday at 12.00 and at 16.00. Their biggest boat, “Jackelin”, has a 150 passengers capacity and the biggest submarine view of the Strait of Gibraltar and the “Pirata de Sálvora”, is a modern boat with a capacity for up to 60 passengers.

The probability of sighting is more than 90% every trip, besides we offer a second opportunity in case we have not been successful at the first time.

In the Strait of Gibraltar’s Natural Park you can find 7 species of Cetaceans. Following their migration routes and the bountiful food chain, in accordance with their reproduction periods, they spend some time in this privileged zone: Dolphins and Pilot Whales the whole year, Sperm Whales in spring and autumn and the Fin Whales and the amazing killer whales in summer. Don’t forget that you will find yourself in the main passage of many birds towards Africa across the Strait of Gibraltar.

This is definitely a unique experience that you should enjoy when on holiday in Tarifa.

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