Venta El Soldao – Medina Sidonia

Address: Los Badalejos 11179 Medina Sidonia Cádiz - 11179 Medina Sidonia, Cádiz Price range: €€ - €€€
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Venta El Soldao is one of the most emblematic and well-known restaurants in the province of Cadiz and La Janda area. establishments. Enjoy excellent traditional cuisine in a place with over 60 years of history, with excellent customer service and located close to the famous Ruta del Toro.

In Badalejos,right between Medina Sidonia and Benalup, we can find this famous gastronomic corner which was founded several decades ago by Mr.José Ruiz Canales and Ms. Teresa Montero Cruz.

Their innovative creations and dishes soon became popular in the area, and they are the reason why this is one of the places you just cannot miss when visiting the province of Cadiz.

Here you can enjoy real traditional cuisine with includes some recipes which have been kept as small treasures since they first opened. Among the dishes you can taste, they would like to highlight the “country chicken with rice,” “pheasant Las Lomas”, “deer”, “partridges” and the famous “Iberian pork loin in lard”, although this is only a small sample of their extensive menu.

They would also like to emphasize that, in recognition of a lifetime of work at La Venta El Soldao and her good work there, the Spanish Cabinet decided to award Mrs. Teresa Montero Cruz with a Gold Medal for Work Merit. She has been so far one of the few businesswoman in the province of Cadiz,wo has been awarded with such a prestigious prize.

The family also runs the Rural Complex Cortijo Los Monteros, located a few kilometers away and which also offers accommodation and a restaurant.

In short, a charming place with a long history where to enjoy real tradititonal cuisine.

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