The province of Cadiz is divided into several counties (regions). To make it easier to get to know them, we will summarize with several keywords the main activities you can perform in each one, and show in a map the villages that are part of them. If you click on any of them you can go to the individual files and view all of the activities.

Bahía de Cádiz: Beaches , Fair Wineries, Carnival, Gastronomy, Beach Bars, Culture.

Bajo Guadalquivir:  Beaches , Fair Wineries, HorsesGastronomy, Beach Bars, Culture.

Campo de Gibraltar: Beaches , Surf – Kite – WindActive TourismCultureShopping.

La Janda: Horses-Bulls, Gastronomy, Route of the White Villages, Culture.

Sierra de Cádiz: RoutesGastronomyActive TourismLand Houses, Route of the White Villages.