Centro Cultural “Reina Sofía”

Centro Cultural “Reina Sofía” | Source: Textos y Fotos: Ayuntamiento de Cádiz.

The Cultural Center “Reina Sofía”” is an exhibition space that has as its main attractions the works of art of Juan Luis Vassallo from Cadiz, one of the best Spanish sculptors of the 20th century, fulfilling the desire that his work was exposed in his hometown.

The Center also houses the legacy that the Picardo Aramburu Family has donated to the city of Cádiz composed of engravings, portraits, oil miniatures, scenic paintings, religious scenes and other folkloric paintings.

In the building which is a real jewel of its time, are the outstanding facades because of its classic, balanced and monumental appearance. It has a square base and was completed in 1760.

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