Centro de Visitantes El Bosque

Centro de Visitantes El Bosque | Source: Texts and Photos: Turismo Rural Genatur S.C.A.

El Centro de Visitantes in El Bosque, a museum and information center of the Sierra de Grazalema, a place with its rugged terrain and varied beauty every visitor is surprised. It is currently managed by Turismo Rural Genatur SCA.

In Botanical Garden Castillejo one finds species representative of the flora of the Nature Park. The most common are those that are connected to the Mediterranean forest. The botanical collection features Spanish firs, the most important type of parks.

Although this natural park of the rainiest part of Spain’s rivers are rare but life flows unceasingly. The passage of time and the daily work of our ancestors have shaped these landscapes and made to what we find today and admire.

White mountain villages of Andalusia are part of the natural park and the visitor center is located in a unique beauty, in El Bosque. A wonderful place with family environment where you will witness how people have managed to preserve the natural and cultural riches by their way of life, customs and traditions.

It also shows how people’s natural resources such as cork, use the hunting or Pfalz world to their advantage.

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