Complejo Arqueológico de las Murallas Medievales

Complejo Arqueológico de las Murallas Medievales | Source: Texts and photos: Ayuntamiento de Algeciras

The Archaeological Site of the medieval walls houses the remains of a defensive complex built in the late 13th century, when Algeciras was under Merini domain.

In 1379, the Nasrid Sultan Muhammad V carried out the destruction of the city and the walls and the city was uninhabited until the arrival of new settlers from Gibraltar, in 1704. It is believed that at this time, with the resurgence of modern Algeciras, residents returned to rebuild the city from the Muslim fortress.

The ruins consist of a defensive wall of a hundred meters, four towers of the Late Medieval Ages and two smaller, whose origins are still unknown. A few meters from the defensive wall lies a mud rampart and moat six meters deep, crossed by a bridge to the Tower Gate of Gibraltar or the Fonsario Gate.

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