Iglesia de San Lorenzo Mártir

Iglesia de San Lorenzo Mártir | Source: Texts: Ayuntamiento de Cádiz. Foto: Destino Cádiz.

The Church of San Lorenzo Martir was built at the beginning of the 18th century. Latin cross plant, it gave the district of la Viña a parish aid.

The main facade is made of simple lines, concentrating its architectural interest on the portal, which features a ceramic panel with images of the Brotherhood of the Afflicted and a niche with the image of la Virgen de los Dolores.

In the interior highlighted is the main altarpiece, of gilded wood, it is one of the most accomplished among the Baroque Cadiz of the 18th century, work of Francisco Lopez in 1727. Mainly because of its artistic importance are the chapels of el Pilar and the Venerable Order Tercera de Servitas, with important pieces and carvings from the 18th century.

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