Iglesia Mayor Prioral

Iglesia Mayor Prioral | Source: Texts and Photos: Ayuntamiento de El Puerto de Santa María (Jorge Roa).

The Iglesia Mayor Prioral (Priory Church) is built on the high part of the city, its existence being documented since 1486, coinciding with the peak stage of promoting the Dukes of Medinaceli in the villa.

It has three naves covered with ribbed vaults and open chapels on both sides of them. Its original building is Gothic.

Outside, the side door is noteworthy, known as the Puerta del Sol, an interesting example of façade-altarpiece with baroque and plateresque decorative elements.

And in the interior the 17th century choir is a remarkable piece, the main altar by the portuense architect Torcuato Benjumeda and an impressive collection of chapels.

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