Iglesia Santo Domingo de Guzman

Iglesia Santo Domingo de Guzman | Source: Texts: Diputación de Cádiz. Photos: Destino Cádiz.

The Santo Domingo de Guzmán Church is the most important religious monument of Bornos. There is not an accurate record of when exactly it was built, although it is believed that it must have been around the late 15th or the early 16th century.

It mixes two styles, a primitive Gothic style, which has been renovated over the centuries, and a baroque that ended up occupying the whole Church.

The facade is very simple and has Neoclassical elements. It houses the most valuable piece of the Church from an archaeological point of view, a stone on which is written “there were the relics of the holy martyrs San Tomé, San Dionisio, San Cosme and San Daniel, Sta. Afra, San Sebastián, San Sabas”.

In the interior standing out is the Sagrado Chapel where the statue of the patron saint of the town lays; Nuestra Señora del Rosario.

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