Monasterio de la Victoria

Monasterio de la Victoria | Source: Texts and Photo: Ayuntamiento de El Puerto de Santa María (Jorge Roa).

This building was constructed on the outskirts of the city in the early 16th century. In 1517 work was due to be finished and given to the Minims of San Francisco, friars who enjoyed great privileges since the founding of the order. In its long history, this building has gone through various vicissitudes: its first assignment as a ducal´s pantheon later to be altered, the Anglo-Dutch invasion of 1702, and the flood that followed the earthquake of 1755, the Napoleonic invasion in which it was plundered and then secularized due to the disentailment of the Mendizabal.

In the 18th century it was the headquarters of theological and artistic studies, and in the 19th century it became a Seminary and Jesuit novitiate center. Later it was used for Hospice, as a hostel and as a hospital for the war wounded, and a penitentiary was established there since the early years of the 20th century.


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