Museo de las Cortes de Cádiz

Museo de las Cortes de Cádiz | Source: Texts and Photo: Ayuntamiento de Cádiz.

The Museo de las Cortes de Cádiz (Museum of the Cortes of Cadiz) hosts numerous objects from the 18th and 19th centuries, mostly related to the siege of the city by Napoleonic troops between 1810 and 1812 and the promulgation of the 1812 Constitution: weapons, copies of the constitution, medals, flags …

Among its valuable pieces emphasizes the model of the city of Cadiz, mahogany and ivory carried out by the military engineer Alfonso Jiménez in 1777 by order of Charles III. The large model, has a high value for its historical and urban knowledge of Cadiz`s capital, we can see as well that the eighteenth century route of Cádiz remains virtually intact to this day. Also noteworthy is the large canvas depicting the promulgation of the 1812 Constitution, the work of Salvador Viniegra.

It was opened in 1912 to celebrate the first centenary of the Constitution of 1812. The building was designed by architect Juan Cabrera Latorre, who conceived a facade of neoclassical inspiration.

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