Palacio de la Diputación

Palacio de la Diputación | Source: Texts: Ayuntamiento de Cádiz. Photos: Destino Cadiz.

The current Palacio de la Diputación provincial de Cádiz (Palace of the Deputation Provincial of Cádiz) was built in the 18th century as the Customs headquarters. It has been featured in several episodes of great historical importance, being the seat of the Regency during the siege of the Napoleonic troops, the first place where a public reading of the constitution of 1812 and the site chosen to constitute in 1978 the Junta de Andalucía.

The set is designed with the sobriety of the military internal scholarship; among the interior rooms highlighted are the Regio Hall and the cloister of exhibitions, which hosts a number of samples of various kinds.

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