Teatro Romano de Cádiz

Teatro Romano de Cádiz | Source: Texts and Photo: Ayuntamiento de Cádiz.

The Teatro Romano de Cádiz (Roman Theatre in Cadiz) from the first century BC was part of the urban expansion of Gades developed by Lucio Cornelio Balbo “the Old” and his nephew Balbo “the Young”. Resulting of this project Neapolis was built, a new neighborhood was also endowed with an amphitheater.

The theater was abandoned four centuries later and has since been plundered, used as a warehouse, block, housing, served as a base for an Islamic fortress known in times of Alfonso X as the “Theatre Castle”.

The excavations show only a part of the theater, which is considered the oldest and one of the largest in the Iberian Peninsula. The most monumental of the whole area, the scene and the porch that opened behind her, unexcavated and its ruins remain hidden under the district of El Pópulo.”

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