Discovering the Tavira Tower and the views of the city of Cadiz


Discovering the Tavira Tower and the views of the city of Cadiz | Fuente: Texts and Photos by Rob Heifez (Destination Cadiz).

The Tavira Tower an iconic tower about 45 meters above sea level, high above old city of Cádiz. This tower is located between the streets of Real Tesoro and Sacramento, in the Casa Palacio de los Marqueses de Recaño, which is currently established as the Conservatory of Music of Cádiz. This building was built in the seventeenth century, with a design typical of the Baroque era.


The most known attraction of this tower apart from the panoramic views on the top floor of the tower, which allows visitors to observe the wonderful city of Cádiz from the skies obtaining unforgettable images, is the famous Camera Oscura.


This dark chamber is one of the most famous attractions of the city. It consists of an optical system that reflects a live image on a white circular screen which functions as telescopes used in submarines, where visitors can enjoy an exhibition of approximately 15 minutes. These exposures are developed by guides that explain accurately and with sympathy all the historical data, interesting facts and curiosities.


There are two rooms on the lower floors where visitors can see explanatory panels that come equipped with pictures and explanations on the evolution of the capital and it’s history.


You can also admire the glass with original mosaics and the journal of the vigilant, plus the spectacular photographs from the nineteenth century showing how the city of Cádiz has evolved during the last century.


From a personal point of view, having the opportunity to visit the Camera Obscura which posseses a telescope that projects images from every corner of the streets of this beautiful city, was a unique experience. The exhibition halls are equipped with art and interesting information panels and the panoramic views from the roof of the tower, certainly left me speechless and I couldn’t get tired of admiring these beautiful views of land and sea, old buildings and of the streets that we walk through daily.


The treatment of the workers and guides is outstanding and highly professional. This tourist attraction can not be missed during the stay of any visitor to the city of Cádiz and the satisfaction is guaranteed.


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