“Experiencing Cadiz”: James Langley (Estados Unidos)

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“Experiencing Cadiz”: James Langley (Estados Unidos) | Fuente: Text: James Langley. Photos: James Langley y Destino Cádiz.

Experiencing Cadiz for the first time was more than I’d hoped, and something I’ll remember forever.

Cádiz, one of my favorite places.

The first night there, after a walk along the playa I stopped at La Perla. An evening of Flamenco music, and dance performed by a troupe of magnificent artistes was made even more enjoyable, by sharing a table with several friendly locals who gave me insight into the emotions being expressed.

Exploring the twisting streets, and getting lost in them, gave me the opportunity to find the hidden gems of a timeless city. Plazas, small and large, ancient bars, fresh seafood tapas, friendly and gregarious folks, ready to share a laugh, a bit of local color and an hour of fun.

As a jogger, my early morning run was a pleasure. The scenery along the shore was beautiful, especially through the park. One of the best kept of any I’ve seen.

Cadiz is also a shopping paradise. The small shops specialize in high quality goods and personal service. Leather products are especially well represented and priced moderately.

Above all, the best part of Cadiz, is the friendliness of the people. Their open, gracious demeanor is genuine and refreshing. One of my favorite places.

James Langley Cádiz by guiris

P.S.: Thanks James, we want to see you soon again in our land.

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