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Benaocaz (Spain) is the ideal place for you to discover the sierra de Cádiz and where you can stay in any accommodation in this beautiful municipality. This fantastic Andalusian town stands out for being an important part of the White Villages Tour, as well as for its wonderful places and for the possibility of practising different activities of active tourism.

In Benaocaz (Cadiz) you will find a wide range of accommodation with magnificent amenities that will make you spend a wonderful stay.

A good option to sleep in Benaocaz would be to choose a small hostel since, being such a small town, there are not big and luxurious hotels. However, there are plenty of charming establishments where you can spend the night: for example, if you are a nature lover, you can stay in any rural accommodation, where you can enjoy rural landscapes and practise sports or adventure tourism. These rural accommodations will make you stay in contact with nature and you can sleep in any house or apartment away from the noise of big cities.

Another option would be a tourist apartment, increasingly common throughout the province, where you can cook and not depend on anyone during your stay.

“Destination Cadiz” suggests the best ideas to stay in a Benaocaz accommodation, where you will know everything about its culture and you will get the most out of active tourism.

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