Food in Alcala del Valle

Food in Alcalá del Valle, Cadiz. Find the best places to eat: Restaurants, tapas bars, taverns, ventas, mesones and typical places to have lunch, dinner or tapas in Alcalá del Valle, Spain. Quality recommendations, with good service and good food. Checked for you by the specialised website of the province of Cadiz.


Alcalá del Valle (Cadiz) is a unique region to eat and get to know a little more its cuisine. In Alcalá del Valle there is a huge and varied offer of bars, restaurants, some taverns or mesones and, naturally, ventas: as in the whole Sierra de Cádiz, these establishments are key if you want to know the local cuisine.

In this Andalusian town you can try the most usual food of the sierra and the most innovative dishes of the province for the most exquisite palates.

The culinary variety in Alcalá del Valle is very large: you can enjoy any type of stew with asparagus: it’s a typical product of the area, so thanks to them you can try delicious asparagus soups or scrambled eggs with asparagus. In addition to these exquisite dishes, you should also try the local cold meat and menudo serrano (Andalusian-style tripe).

These dishes are cooked by fantastic chefs of the region with the best local products, essential to get the best results.

In Alcalá del Valle, Spain, you can go to great restaurants where you can enjoy and know the local cuisine, but also to very small bars where the culture of the municipality is in the air. You cannot forget, as we said before, the typical ventas.

Destination Cadiz suggests the best ideas to eat in Alcalá del Valle, where you can spend a fantastic culinary day with your family.

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