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Food in El Bosque, Cadiz. Find the best places to eat in El Bosque, Cadiz: Restaurants, bars, ventas, mesones and typical places to have lunch or dinner in El Bosque, Spain. Find the best restaurants in El Bosque, Cadiz. Quality recommendations, with good service and good food. Checked for you by the specialised website of the province of Cadiz.


El Bosque is an incomparable town for two reasons: for its wonderful places and for being a good place to eat and enjoy its cuisine. In El Bosque (Andalusia) there’s a wide and varied offer of restaurants, bars and the local ventas and mesones, where you can try its local dishes.

You can taste the local dishes and the most innovative ones for the most exquisite palates in some establishments where they even innovate with the local cheese.
El Bosque cuisine is very wide and diverse, with artisanal cheeses as the main product. You can enjoy its great cured meats such as Iberian ham or Iberian chorizo. In addition to these delicious dishes, we cannot stop talking about trucha con jamón (grilled trout with Iberian ham).

All these dishes are cooked by magnificent chefs and with the best local products, necessary to achieve the best results.

In El Bosque, Spain, you can go to great restaurants where holding special events, but also to small bars where you can have a cheese tapa with friends.

From “Destination Cadiz” we suggest a wide range of establishments to eat in El Bosque, where you will happily end up with a full stomach and eager to return.

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