Food in El Puerto de Santa Maria

Food in El Puerto de Santa María. Visit El Puerto de Santa María and find the best places to eat: Restaurants, tapas bars and ventas. Quality recommendations, with good service and good food. Checked for you by the specialised website of the province of Cadiz.


El Puerto de Santa María is a unique place to eat and enjoy its cuisine while spending a great day at one of its natural beaches. El Puerto de Santa María, Spain, is one of the most important municipalities of the province; for that reason there is an immense and varied offer of restaurants, bars or ventas.

In this Andalusian municipality you can taste the most everyday food and the most innovative one for the most demanding diners, since El Puerto is a town where many haute cuisine chefs live in and have their restaurants.

The cuisine in El Puerto de Santa María is very wide and varied: we can try ortiguillas (fried sea anemone) and ostiones fritos (fried oysters), but also caballa con fideos (mackerel with noodles soup) or the typical tortillitas de camarones (Spanish-style shrimp fritters). In addition to these typical dishes, we cannot stop talking about its great wines.

All these dishes are cooked by the best chefs and with the best local products, essential to get the best results.

If you visit El Puerto de Santa María, you can go to restaurants where you can eat with the family and get to know the local cuisine, but also to small typical bars with friends. Without a doubt, a great culinary destination.

In “Destination Cadiz” you can find the best suggestions to eat in El Puerto de Santa María, where you will happily end up with a full stomach and eager to return.

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