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Food in Olvera, Cadiz. Find the best places to eat: Restaurants, tapas bars, taverns, ventas and traditional places where to eat in Olvera, Spain. Quality recommendations, with good service and good food. Checked for you by the specialised website of the province of Cadiz.


Olvera (Spain) is a unique place for two reasons: for its great heritage and for being a worthy place where to eat and know a little more about its cuisine. This Andalusian municipality borders the provinces of Malaga and Seville and, nevertheless, belongs to Cádiz; this is why its culinary tradition is very varied and rich.

In Olvera (Cadiz) there is a huge and varied offer of restaurants, bars and old traditional ventas. Olvera’s cuisine is very wide, and you can enjoy the best dishes seasoned with olive oil, such as wild asparagus or stuffed sirloin.

In addition to these exquisite dishes, there is also room for pastries, where quince jelly is the sweet star. Nor can we forget other fantastic desserts like tortas del lunes de Quasimodo, a sweet with history.

All of this is prepared in a traditional way by fantastic chefs and with the best local products, essential to get the best dishes.

In Olvera you can go to great restaurants, where you can enjoy and know the local cuisine; and to ventas, where you will know first-hand the specialities of the house.

On “Destination Cadiz” we suggest the best offers where to eat in Olvera, where you will enjoy a fantastic culinary journey with your loved ones.

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