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Food in Paterna de Rivera, Spain. Find the best places where to eat in Paterna de Rivera, Spain: Restaurants, bars, ventas and traditional places to have lunch or dinner in Paterna de Rivera. Paterna de Rivera restaurants. Quality recommendations, with good service and good food. Checked for you by the specialised website of the province of Cadiz.


Paterna de Rivera (Spain) is located in an incomparable setting such as La Janda; a magnificent place to get to know first-hand its cuisine. This Andalusian municipality is part of the well-known Ruta del Toro, being one of the only places where the fighting bull is raised. That is why many visitors and tourists visit this region. Due to this, there is a wide and varied offer of restaurants, bars and ventas in Paterna de Rivera.

Paterna de Rivera’s cuisine is very wide and diverse: you can taste the traditional berza (local stew), alcauciles con jamón (artichokes with ham) or venison stew. Apart from these exquisite dishes, it is important to mention the brave bull by-products.

All these dishes are prepared by the best chefs with the best local products, essential to obtain the best results in the aforementioned dishes.

In Paterna de Rivera you can find big restaurants to enjoy a great meal with your family, or some venta where you will know first-hand the best specialities of the house.

On “Destination Cadiz” we suggest a wide range of establishments where to eat in Paterna de Rivera, where you will get to know everything about its cuisine and its culture.

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