Restaurants in Barbate

Discover our Guide to the best restaurants in Barbate, Spain. Find the best places to have lunch, dinner or tapas in Barbate. Local cuisine and charming restaurants. We recommend only quality restaurants, good service and good food. Checked for you by the specialised website of the province of Cadiz.


Barbate (Spain) is, without a doubt, a wonderful municipality in which you can taste its delicious food in some restaurant. This fantastic Andalusian town is a benchmark in the province for its spectacular coasts, in addition to its most recognised dish: Barbate tuna, which year after year hundreds of tourists try. Due to this, there is a large number of establishments where to eat.

You will enjoy a spectacular local cuisine in Barbate restaurants. You can go to the most traditional restaurants, where you can try some local dish, and also to the most modern one for the most demanding diners. In both situations, the best chefs will cook for you with the best local products.

In Barbate restaurants you will try, above all, dishes made with local fish, such as fideos con caballa (noodles soup with mackerel) or cazón en adobo (marinated dogfish). Apart from these local dishes, you should try the key dishes of Barbate, which are all related to tuna in all its forms: tartar, atún encebollado (tuna in sautéd onions), atún a la plancha (grilled tuna) or mojama (tuna jerky).

On “Destination Cadiz” you can find the best offers of restaurants to eat in Barbate, where you will happily end up with a full stomach and eager to come back.

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