Holidays in Tarifa: leisure guide and things to do in Tarifa this summer

Holidays in Tarifa: leisure guide and things to do in Tarifa this summer | Fuente: By Celia Pérez del Cubo. Photos: Destino Cádiz

You don’t have to go too far to spend a few days of total relax in paradisiacal beaches and with the most bohemian and carefree atmosphere, since in Tarifa you have exactly what you are looking for. Keep on reading and we’ll tell you about things to do in Tarifa this summer.


The beaches of Tarifa are authentic natural paradises. Wild beaches, in an incomparable natural setting, of golden sands and crystal clear waters. Kilometres of beach where to spend an incredible beach day or to practise water sports.

Los Lances Beach, the most urban beach of Tarifa and one of the best places in the world to practise windsurfing or kitesurfing; Playa Chica, an isolated cove where you can enjoy the beautiful sunsets; Bolonia beach, with its incredible and enormous dunes; the Valdevaqueros Beach, mecca for water sports lovers; Atlanterra, an extensive beach that combines the best of nature and urbanism; or the Punta Paloma Beach, virgin beach where you can do nudism or enjoy natural pools. These are some of the beaches in Tarifa that you should get to know.

KiteSurf in Tarifa

Undoubtedly, kitesurfing is becoming one of the most demanded sports by tourists and athletes, and Tarifa is the ideal place to start or improve in this sport that combines the best of Tarifa: sea and wind. You will find countless shops and kite schools in Tarifa, where you can take classes, individually or as a group, and buy or rent your own equipment. An extreme sport with which to get the adrenaline going.


In addition to kitesurfing, you have the opportunity to practise any water sport that you can think of in Tarifa: surfing, windsurfindsg, paddle surf, diving,, snorkeling, kayak,canoeingand countless other possibilities. Tarifa, which has some of the best wind spots and kite spots in the world, is the ideal destination for water sports lovers.


Tarifa has an impressive culture and history. Its historic centre is proof of that: entangled and narrow streets with small houses with white walls, old walls and arches, like the Puerta de Jerez; and an intact fortress: the castle of Guzmán el Bueno. Churches like the Iglesia de San Mateo, the Iglesia de San Francisco de Asís or the Santuario de la Virgen de la Luz.

Walking Tarifa is losing yourself in its streets, relive history and be enchanted by the beauty of its landscape. Outside the town, you cannot miss the Ruins of Baelo Claudia: the remains of an ancient Roman city that will transport you to this glorious era, with an unrivalled landscape.


In Tarifa, thanks to its beaches, to the amount of sports that can be done there and to its lifestyle, you will always find an unbeatable environment, even more in summertime. You can enjoy bars, restaurants, pubs and nightclubs throughout the town, always full of people from early morning to the wee hours. The beaches, full of bars and campsites, also brim with life and good atmosphere almost 24 hours a day.


Fish and seafood are the best dishes of the tarifeña cuisine. These materias primas appear in almost all the recipes of bars andrestaurants, , from the most traditional to the most innovative and avant-garde. Pescaíto frito (fried fish), calamares a la romana (fried calamari), pipirrana de pulpo (cold salad of octopus, onion, red and green pepper, all cut in brunoise and seasoned with olive oil and salt), codfish croquettes, mackerel salad, piriñaca de melva (chopped bullet tuna, tomato, onion and green pepper seasoned with salt, olive oil and vinegar), bluefin tuna or seafood stews are some of the delicious seafood dishes you can taste.

Eating out in Tarifa is also synonymous with enjoying the cuisine of the province, as well as our African neighbours’. Cheese from the sierra such as payoyo; retinto meats; our native vegetables, such as tagarninas; tinned food, cold meat and all kinds of pork by-products; pure honey; olive oil; or our delicious Sherry are the cover letter of a province with an exquisite culinary culture that the Tarifeños have been combining with oriental aromas and techniques.


To complete your holidays in the mecca of water and wind, it’s necessary that you look for an accommodation that best suits your needs. In Tarifa, you’ll find hotels, hostels y apartments both in the town and by the beach. All of them have that oriental and “bohemian” air that characterises the town.

In addition, you have dozens of accommodations such as campsites, bungalows or surf schools that combine kite or windsurf lessons plus accommodation. Spectacular places, with stunning views to the sea and at fairly affordable prices.

You only have to choose a one-way ticket… because we know you won’t want to come back.
Enjoy Tarifa!

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