Learning Kitesurfing in Tarifa: Another way to fall in love with the South

Learning Kitesurfing in Tarifa: Another way to fall in love with the South | Fuente: By Celia Pérez del Cubo. Photos and Text source: Kite Local School, Tarifa Air Force, Ozu, Kitecamp Tarifa, B3, El Lola y Gravina.

Learning kitesurfing in the Mecca of extreme water sports is possible. If Tarifa, with its more than 3,000 hours of sunshine and 285 days of wind a year had already fallen in love with you, now you will want to stay and live. And if you have not been there yet, this is your chance to be seduced by Tarifa.

Already in the twelfth century the Orientals used kites to pull small boats. Over the years, the technique has evolved to become the sport that we know today and that more and more people are practicing.

Aprender kitesurf en Tarifa: otra forma de enamorarse del sur.


It is a sport that is practiced gliding on the water through a wakeboard. The kiter, who is the person who practices this sport, wears a harness to which the different lines that are connected to the kite are hooked, which is what will pull the kiter, thanks to the wind and the direction that the athlete marks.

As for the style, the climatic conditions of Tarifa allow to practice all, from freeride and freestyle, which are free styles, to wave riding and airstyle that require technique and more complex tricks.

Aprender kitesurf en Tarifa: otra forma de enamorarse del sur.


In Tarifa you will find many water sports schools, both in the town and on the beaches, where you can learn kitesurfing but also others such as surfing, windsurfing, paddle surfing or kayaking with a lot of flexibility when it comes to learning alone or in groups and loose classes or complete courses.

B3 trabaja desde el año 1993 satisfaciendo a miles de clientes en el mercado de kitesurf, windsurf, sup, surf y wake, confiando en marcas de prestigio como Naish, Slingshot, Gath, Surf Logic, Creatures, etc. Además, B3 apuesta por la fabricación propia de productos con las marcas Isup, Isurf, KGB y B3, logrando así precios realmente atractivos sin afectar a la calidad final del producto.

A la hora de aprender y practicar kitesurf o cualquier otro deporte extremo hay que tener en cuenta dos cosas: el viento y los kite spots.

When it comes to learning and practicing kitesurfing or any other extreme sport you have to take into account two things: wind and kite spots.

In Tarifa it blows the east (E) and the west (O) wind. The Levante is a more complicated wind, with which you have to use small or medium kites and you have to go to beaches such as Valdevaqueros o Punta Paloma. f the wind is west you can use medium or large kites and the best beach to learn kitesurfing in Tarifa would be Los Lances, both the north and south area, although in the latter is not allowed to practice these sports during the season summer.

Aprender kitesurf en Tarifa: otra forma de enamorarse del sur.

Due to the overcrowding suffered by these beaches in summer, the areas enabled for kiters and other athletes are very limited but the rest of the year you can learn kitesurfing in any of them.


At the time of taking a break to food in Tarifa you can find several beach bars where you can enjoy fresh fish from Cádiz or if you prefer, food in the town where you will also discover bars and restaurants with the most traditional food of the town; cabbage of tagarninas, sausages, chichar rones, etc.

Flamenco es más que música, y eso lo saben en el LOLA, un local que en pocos años se ha convertido en todo un clásico de Tarifa. Buena comida, buena musica y un no sé qué que te obliga a volver

To sleep, Tarifa has all kinds of accommodation, campings, hostels and youth hostels, hotels, aparthotels, , etc. Endless possibilities to choose the accommodation that best suits your needs.

El Hostal Gravina se encuentra en el centro de Tarifa, a 10 minutos a pie de la playa. Está decorado en estilo andaluz con toques modernos y ofrece conexión WiFi gratuita en todas las instalaciones


Tarifa also gives you the opportunity to get lost in the streets and alleys of its town, walk through buildings dating from Roman times such as Baelo Claudia, know the history between Muslims and Christians through the Castle of Guzmán el Bueno or Torre Guadalmesí and even see the Moroccan coasts from the Mirador del Estrecho.

Aprender kitesurf en Tarifa: otra forma de enamorarse del sur.

Tarifa is not only the ideal place to learn new sports such as kitesurfing but also an invitation to connect with its richness, its natural and cultural heritage and above all its people and way of life. The tranquility, joy and good living of Tarifa people will make you never want to leave.

You dare?

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