Corrales de Pesca de Chipiona

Corrales de Pesca de Chipiona | Fuente: Text and Photo: Ayuntamiento de Chipiona.

The Corrales de Pesca de Chipiona (Chipiona´s fishing pens) are enclosed areas surrounded by a wall of porous stone, built by hand and distributed along our coastline. They form a unique landscape, legacy of a rural fishing culture many centuries old, presumably Roman or Arabic.
The stones are joined by a marine conglomeration, ostiones (a genus of oyster -Crassotrea), seaweed and barnacles which act as natural cement. There are several in Chipiona, each with its own name: Corrales de Montijo, the Longuera on the Muelle Beach those of Trapillo, Cabito and Nuevo in the Canteras Beach and the ones from Mariño, Canaleta del Diablo, Chico and Hondo between the beaches of Camaron and Tres Piedras.