Río de la Miel

Río de la Miel | Source: Texts: Diputación de Cádiz. Photo: Paco Gallardo.


Marked trail, starting point Street Calle Maestra Maria Luisa (Barriada del Cobre).


This tour takes you along the river Miel. A fascinating path of kutureller and natural interest.

Ruins of canals and windmills, old roads, bridges medieval style or the fountain and source de las Niñas.

The vegetation of this tropical forest with species that have built an impressive dome of plants in hundreds of years. A special microclimate, which has enabled the development and preservation of species such as rhododendron and hornbeam.

A wonderful river and a beautiful small waterfall at the end.

Recommende material:

Sturdy shoes, enough fluid and food for the duration of the hike, suitable clothing depending on the weather

How to get there:

The route begins in the neighborhood of El Cobre (Algeciras). To get there, take exit 103 from the Mediterranean motorway (A-7), address slum El Cobre by the CA-9208 road. A forest road signposted to the trailhead from the street Maestra Maria Luisa.