Trekking Puerto Boyar-Simancon-Puerto Boyar

Trekking Puerto Boyar-Simancon-Puerto Boyar | Source: Texts and photo: Pura Vida.


Puerto del Boyar-Simancón-Puerto del Boyar


We start the hike at the picnic area of ​​Puerto del Boyar ascending to the Casa del Dornajo (House of Dornajo). Once there, we go towards the summit Puerto de la Víbora and Charca Verde continues to make in Simancon rest. Then we start the Abstiegzu the level Llanos del Endrinal. From there it goes to the summit Puerto de las Presillas and finally back to the top of Puerto del Boyar. Do not worry if you’re talking about peaks, you should not be alarmed. We are not even in the Alps:-)

Recommende material:

Sturdy shoes, enough fluid and food for the duration of the hike, suitable clothing depending on the weather


Guided tour, 636 80 08 57 (Fernando) or email:

How to get there:

The picnic area of ​​Puerto de Boyar on the A-373 in the line-Benamahoma Grazalema, just a few miles away from this.