Some basic rules of navigation if you practice kitesurfing

Some basic rules of navigation if you practice kitesurfing | Fuente: Texts: Carmen García Martín-Arroyo. Photos: Destino Cádiz

If you follow our blog and the different entries that we have published about Kitesurfing in the Province of Cádiz and Tarifa, you will have noticed the special importance that we give to the subject of security when practicing this sport. In this post we will review some basic rules to practice kitesurfing safely, so that you have a good day without suffering any mishap or endangering the rest of the kitesurfers who share the beach with you.


To begin with it is very important that we respect the safety distance between the kitesurfers and do not leave the bounded navigation area. During the navigation, we as kiters must avoid any type of motor boat that can deviate from our route or cause an accident so we will give distance to any vehicle of this type. We must also be careful with other bathers (in case there is no bounded navigation area) and with surfers. Do not forget that the maritime captaincy marks the navigation rules of each specific area and the rescue teams will be the ones that come in case of danger.


The starboard rule is the rule par excellence of kitesurfers. This rule is governed by the kiter that carries the right shoulder towards the place where we sail or move will be the one with preference. We have to be careful since you can meet inexperienced kitesurfers who do not know this norm and we will have to keep distance and turn around since he may not know the norm. Also in the case that the kitesurfer is within a wave and to be so have less room for maneuver and we are the one who should divert our maneuver.


We will continue to take into account the water entry and exit norm. It always has preference the one that is entering the water over the one who leaves the beach sailing to the coast. So we must leave a reasonable distance to avoid any mishap.


And as last advice before making any maneuver or turn we should look around and make sure that there is no other kitesurfer, swimmer or athlete of another modality. And once this point is assured we can perform the maneuver with total safety

After following these tips we can enjoy a fun and safe day. You dare?

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